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case study - retail

the need

A well-known wine merchant and wholesaler was looking to increase efficiency in its collections processes. This company sells wines and spirits to 1000s of restaurants and bars and required a method of collection that was electronic, automated and low cost. In addition, integration to SAGE was a particular requirement. Direct debit was the obvious choice, but this company did not have a direct debit originators number or any experience of direct debit. They approached us, a market leader in automated direct debit services in the UK, for advice. We had the experience in this area to make clear the various options and it was decided that full direct debit facilities management was the best solution in this case. Facilities management meant that we would operate the entire direct debit service for this company from web-based direct debit sign-up to banking and reconciliation.

the solution

Direct debit mandate forms are issued to customers and are then captured directly into the secure Harlands Group ddms set-up and verification service. The system is responsible for generating and storing all information related to customer accounts and payment transactions. The Service manages all new and amended direct debit instructions, the collection of payments via BACS, and the representation and notification of failed instructions. In addition, by using facilities management, we were able to offer this company reduced bank charges as we had negotiated reduced rates for all of our customers.


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